• Mission:
    Sierra Sands Unified School District utilizes innovative technology to support and enhance the delivery of instruction at all grade levels. We believe that the integration of technology will transform the way students learn and communicate in the 21st century. In that context, we will increase student engagement by creating a stimulating academic environment where students can not only excel within their education, but develop lifelong skills that will propel them throughout college and career.

  • 2016 - 2019 Technology Plan

  • Technology Support Request

  • Technology Team Members

    Donnie Morrison
    Director of Technology

    As the Technology Director, Donnie’s main duties include coaching other team members and working closely with District Administration to help shape and implement all aspects of the District Technology strategy.

    David McGowan
    Network Administrator

    As the District Network Administrator, David’s main duties include taking care of the district wired and wireless network infrastructure. This includes ensuring that the network runs as smoothly as possible as well as ensuring our network is secure and scalable.

    Garrett Bruce
    Automated Systems Specialist

    Garrett’s main duties include taking care of all our phone systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems, speaker/bell systems and classroom audio/visual components. Garrett is also instrumental in securing e-rate funding for the District on an annual basis.

    Jared Parker
    Software Support Specialist

    Jared’s primary duties include managing and maintaining our Student Information System database. He is also very instrumental in supporting staff members across a
    multitude of software applications.


    Russ Smith
    Computer Repair Technician

    As a Computer Repair Tech, Russ’ primary duties include on-site IT hardware and software troubleshooting/repair. 

    Joshua Wright
    Computer Repair Technician

    As a Computer Repair Tech, Joshua’s primary duties include on-site IT hardware and software troubleshooting/repair. Josh joined the Tech Department in 2015 and has quickly become a valued member of the team.

    Fritz Freiberg
    Print Shop/Repair Tech

    As the newest member of our team, Fritz is responsible for all Print Shop orders as well as physical repair orders for Chromebooks, Printer, and Copiers.